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suddenly think of a class inside of four eye beard the plan usually along with take a computer, might it not be is he also one of superiors?The inch has short, the beard plan looks isn't astonishing, describe trivial, have never thought to also have a special features, the business that steeps a girl online said to please for a while.
Silently sneak in teaching building, toward window look about on the hallway, chemistry subject, teacher Qin Juan prelects noodles to have no facial expression and reads item by item from the text and have on the book which segment she reads which segment, imitate Buddha set under of Be just a group of Jiang corpses, and face a teacher like this, the classmates are also not intentional to attend lecture, you say yours, I play mine.
Liao learns soldier Nu rises from the heart, the teacher like this prelects, can the student have interest?The words that didn't order patience do they understand?Oneself doesn't go to still resent a student not good to her, too shameful!Hereafter include the opportunity must keep scolding she of abnormal behavior, however student's discipline also not too go, probably is a vicious cycle, the student start intentionally making trouble, teacher one Nu under do in a perfunctory while prelecting, come to let what will do well enough alone, and teacher prelect to speak badly, originally had the student of heart study can't also have to with greatly flowed to have fun to make.
The inside glow-in-the-dark in classroom is one Shan, sit on the side Cape and push He Lian of the pimple and discover that teacher Liao outside the window is peeping, quickly deliver a signal for everyone.Fear the persons whom Liao learns a soldier to all stop clamoring, have no so-called classmate to see other people calmness to him, oneself also stopped down.
"Severals fought terribly I stick down first and wait mid-term research later on an autumn again behind calculate Zhang, mama of, this summer however, also said to become strong yesterday, today again the group person copied a homework, really be like order domestic animals, does the best candidate whom the cow does a horse.Is small and blue to fall, again in the sleeping, the posture inaccuracy easily gets cervical vertebra paroxysm, sun beautiful Fang in Europe, beat feeling to scold Qiao with clock Bai, like a rightness of live a treasure, beard plan, play a computer game, gather together so near afraid eyes are still not enough near sight?"
Record a student one by one on the notebook of various not person's behavior, oneself the time that betray not just now, return to office, turn over yesterday ascend the composition handing over slowly reviews.
Is a shell Xiao first the composition of the Dan, she is a language lesson representative, what to accept a homework is him, always like to put own book in the first.
"Today is a fine weekend, evening, the mother is arranging a cook to prepare flourishing dinner in the kitchen, and father accompanies the guest person's chat in the living room.Father likes to discuss he or she very much in those early years glorious history and said his Ma Chuang's world, omnipotent, thought in those early years how how, afterwards once the topic turned and spoke of cooking, father was immediately loudly braggart, said that he won sea City to be second to none, even the mother also candidly admitted defeat.If that guest disagree, but have to attach again and father, proper father boast eager of time, the mother has already stood to is casting covetous eyes on after death of looking at father, see this act, the guest wants to smile and doesn't dare to smile, the mother defies spirit very much of say:'Old shell, you and then is bragging, you to stir-fry vegetables.''To, the ear listens to for falsely, the eye sees for solid.'I also echo the opinion of others a way.'Stir-fry for the Feng, I stir-fry of vegetables, promise that you ate to still want to eat.'Can not stand me and arousing of mother will, father is the guest's noodles to pull not next face, say and then walk into a kitchen to let cook simultaneously enjoy cool air go to.For teaching father, I also figured out an extraordinary plan.I take out a bottle of jam from the refrigerator and take advantage o father's inattention some juice poured into father stir-fries of vegetables inside, have never thought vegetables unexpectedly and very delicious, really steal a chicken not to wear eclipse chase rice, father sees us so happy and then takes out the camera clapped us down, this is my house, a happy and interesting house."
Liao learns a soldier unbearably happy, shell Xiao Dan still really good, this is absolutely what she invents,

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