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The process for payment collection should occur at an interval of 15- 30 days. It involves reviewing of the patient and insurance balances before the next collection of money. It is also crucial to note if a patient has secondary insurance that it's billing after the primary insurance pays. In determining balances how many outstanding days and who owes Vikings Womens Jersey , the coder and biller have to print the accounts aging report. It can be done by patient balances and insurance balances to assist in the final processes of collecting balances. The process also involves sending friendly stickers, sending a statement, checking insurance claims and calling patient (Crocker Black Vikings Jersey , 2006). These billings done every month will demonstrate the bill age. It involves using the computer system to print out the account aging report.
Within the 30 day period, a patient visits the facility for services. There is the making of copayments and payments during this period. After thirty days, the bill is sent. After another thirty days which in total is 60 Vikings Jersey Sale , a reminder bill is sent. The bill will have a personal note and a friendly reminder sticker. After ninety days. One will have to call the patient and also send the bill. It is a time of trying to understand the reasons for late payment from the insurance. There is also need to calls the insurance company to determine if it received the bill and knew if it has already processed the claim. After 120 days, it is also crucial to send the final letter of notice when there is no response and no payment in the required time frame. The account will then be ready for collection. After 180 days from the services data. There will be a need to send a letter indicating that the account has to an agency for collection (Crocker, 2006).
Patient and insurance aging
Insurance aging is a medical billing term that refers to the claims of insurance with no payment. They balance that the hospital facility owes the patient for more than thirty days. When these aging claims have no filling Cheap Vikings Jersey , they can be denied by a health insurance company. Patient insurance is the amount the patient owes the care providers after the insurance company has paid its medical expenses portion. The aging reports enable one to view the unpaid amounts assigned as the responsibility of patients (Montone, and Lenzi, 2012).
The revenue cycle by the aging reports
The accounts for aging reports show the amount of dollars that are outstanding by the past days due by invoice and by the customer. These reports have negative impacts since they present the early warning of bad-debt problems and looming cash flow. If an invoice is not payable Vikings Danielle Hunter Jersey , the service provider is likely to face a slow cycle in revenue generation. The health organizations should have internal monitoring systems for monitoring their Ageing Records and other processes affecting revenue generation. In the effort to understand and measure the performance of practices such internal monitoring systems have to compares their numbers with historical numbers and other similar practices applicable to the industry. Furthermore, it is possible to share best performances among staff and leaders. High-performance practices involve consistent analyzing and reporting of information. It also involves sharing information with the clearinghouse and practices management systems.

Crocker, J (2006) How to Improve Your Revenue Cycle Processes in a Clinic or Physician Practice. AHIMA's 78th National Convention and Exhibit Proceedings.
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